Adult Dental Clinic

Interfaith Ministries Adult Dental Clinic staff performs tooth extractions only to qualified residents of Calhoun County without dental insurance coverage.

How We Help

Who Can Apply

The Adult Dental Program provides tooth extractions for qualified adults who are otherwise unable to pay for their personal dental care. Patients are interviewed after an application is submitted to verify eligibility.

We do not offer any other dental services.

The Process

Applications are accepted on Wednesday mornings at 8:00am at our office located 1431 Gurnee Avenue. 
What You Need: We kindly ask you provide identification and proof of income when you arrive.  

Please be aware the we cannot provide dentures to our patients.

The Location

Extraction procedures are performed at our Adult Dental Clinic Location located at 300 E 8th St, Anniston AL the RMC West Building

The UAB dental school also provides students to volunteer in our clinic under the supervision of out volunteer dentists

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