SenioRx assists underinsured individuals or those without prescription drug coverage in applying for free prescriptions through pharmaceutical companies.  This is done in conjunction with The East Alabama Planning Commission. From October, 2002 through August, 2023 Senior RX has accessed over 72 million in free or low cost medications for members in our community. 

The Purpose of SeniorRx

To assist individuals in applying for free drug assistance programs provided by pharmaceutical companies. SenioRx is a partnership of state agencies and community organizations. We remove the cost barriers to get prescription medications, allowing individuals to start and maintain their medical therapy. SenioRx does not provide assistance for short-term medications to meet acute needs, including antibiotics. Our counselors are trained to provide assistance for medications, Liquid Supplements, and Diabetic Supplies approved by the physician. 


1. Legal Resident of Calhoun County, Alabama.

2. No prescription drug coverage.

3. Under the care of a participating physician.

4. Fill out the assistance forms found below to get started today!

How to Request Assistance

You can call (256) 237-8355  or (256) 237-8366 to enroll.

SenioRx staff completes all forms required by the Pharmaceutical companies for medication.  Refills are available, with ample notice to the SenioRx staff. Allow 6 – 8 weeks to receive the initial supply of medications.

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